Sport is a very important part in the daily life of the college and its students. The sports department is committed to providing sporting opportunities for boys and girls. A notable feature of the college is the participation of so many teachers on voluntary basis to coach and prepare teams.

A wide variety of activities take place at Junior and Senior level including Gaelic,Gymnastics, Football, Soccer, Athletics, Basketball and Cross Country Running.

Adventure Activities

Activities include such things as orienteering, team challenges, adventure activities, campcraft, team building activities.


All students do a six week block of swimming during the Junior Cycle over the three years.


Students participate in athletic activities such as running, high jump, and throwing. Students compete in the Clare Cross Country Championships and the track and field championships. Students from the school have achieved many medals for athletics in recent years.


Students are presented with opportunities to extend thier understanding of a variety of dance forms.


Games are broken into three areas:
1. Invasion
2. Net
3. Fielding Games
There are many games offered in the school such as Basketball, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie, Tennis and Soccer to competition level. Also during PE games such as Badminton, Vollleyball, Dodgeball and Rounders are played.

Health Related Activity

This area provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of health related fitness and to apply its principles to actual participation. Activities include Gym work, Fitness Tests, Heart Rate Monitoring, Muscle Groups, Flexibility, Strength & Endurance.

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